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During the process, a crimp is placed on the end of the wire harness. It is typically a metal crimp, but for some applications, other materials are appropriate. Generally, crimps have a round shape with a cradle for the wire end. A crimping tool can be placed over the metal crimp and compressed, so that the metal cradle is crushed around the wire end. This does two things. First, the bare wires of the harness make contact with the crimp, which creates a solid electrical connection, and second, it hugs the wire jacket, so that the terminal can then be attached to a component. The best crimps start with a clean cut at the end ISO13485 cable Cable TS16949 Wire harness custom made cablecable manufacturer HDMI cableof the wires. The best tools are able to strip the proper amount of the outer jacket off of the wire end and clean the wire as part of the crimp process. This prevents contamination and nicks in the wire, both of which could cause a faulty crimp. The crimp should have no space between the conducting wire strands and crimp and be perfectly tight. In fact, one way to test a crimp is to actually tug on it, to make sure it is secure. A quality crimp will resist normal stress. If done correctly, the connection is actually referred to as a "micro cold weld." TheISO13485 cable Cable TS16949 Wire harness custom made cablecable manufacturer HDMI cable metal of the crimp is so deformed around the wire that it actually adheres to the wire. They then act as one, rather than two parts. A cold weld is considered a high-performing electrical connection that is long lasting and durable to the elements. Quality control is important, because a bad crimp can result in a faulty connection, which can create either a final product that doesn't work or that is a fire or shock hazard. When a connection is "under crimped," moisture from the air can get in and around those wires and eventually corrode, which can cause resistance in the flow of electricity. Resistance could in turn lead to the wire harness generating heat, which can cause a mechanical failure or fire. Loose ISO13485 cable Cable TS16949 Wire harness custom made cablecable manufacturer HDMI cablecrimps are at risk of pulling away from the wires, becoming a risk for failure and exposure to electrical currents. Overly tight crimps create too much stress on the metal, causing it to fatigue and potentially break or fail.Professional crimps, such as those used in a wire harness, are measured with accuracy to small tolerances.