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The crimp should have no space between the conducting wire strands and crimp and be perfectly tight. In fact, one way to test a crimp is to actually tug on it, to make sure it is secure. A quality crimp will resist normal stress. If done correctly, the connection is actually referred to as a "micro cold weld." The metal of the crimp is so deformed around the wire that it actually adheres to the wire. They then act as one, rather than two parts. A cold weld is considered a high-performing electrical connection that is long lasting and durable to the elements.Cable assemblies iPhone Cable Micro USB cable HDMI cable Charging cableIt bends easier. A round HDMI cable is thicker and cannot bend as easily as a flat one. This makes it easier to install into/along walls.It's easier to tuck behind a hanging HDTV. A round HDMI cannot be wrapped up as tight as a flat one can, and will tend to bulge from behind the television. You can hide it behind a baseboard better. It lays flat against the wall and this lets you put the baseboard back flush without gaps.Running it under carpet is easier. Just make sure you don't put it in under the carpetCable assemblies iPhone Cable Micro USB cable HDMI cable Charging cable in a high traffic area. This is something that installers are doing these days since the cable with not cause a bump in your carpet. It can be painted easier than a round one can. This is a huge advantage if you decide to run your flat HDMI along the top of your baseboards and paint it to blend into the wall.So the flat HDMI cable will function just as Cable assemblies iPhone Cable Micro USB cable HDMI cable Charging cablewell as the round one will (maybe even better if you believe in the "crosstalk" theory), and as long as it is certified by the HDMI committee, you should consider buying the flat HDMI cable because of convenience, not video quality. In order to attach a wire harness to another device, it needs to have some sort of connector added to the wire ends. Traditionally, a special technique of soldering was needed to combine the bundles of a metal cable into one at each end. This process required specialized training and added time and cost to the finished product. In recent years, technology has advanced to makeCable assemblies iPhone Cable Micro USB cable HDMI cable Charging cable the process faster and less expensive, but still provide a quality connection between terminals. Crimping is that process. A wide variety of crimping methods are available from different manufacturers, but the key is to make sure they have quality crimping tools and proper training. This is what ensures the quality and reliability of the final crimp.